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‘Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Night’ gala held in Rome

2022-06-12 Hard hit Huanggang to take strictest control measures Festival celebrates China-Africa ties TCM has role to contribute in virus fight Infection total surges within expectations Lanzhou meets city's need for protective materials to battle virus Local heroes help in the battle against epidemic Shanxi teams join in fight to beat virus Transport measures key to containing coronavirus Addition of clinically diagnosed cases sees big jump in novel coronavirus numbers New safety rules for medics rolled out Xi: Outbreak's lessons must be learned Hospital transforms tumor center to severe patients ward Smog still a problem amid viral contagion Shenzhen's self-quarantined residents to undergo virus testing ‘Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Night’ gala held in Rome Music festival aims to promote cultural exchanges between China, ASEAN Medical workers battle virus in grassroots community in Wuhan Asymptomatic infection possible but not probable, commission says 209 leading TCM experts direct cabin hospital in Wuhan