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Italy topped the list with the most award winners (162,272), followed by Spain (93,130)

2022-02-22 Recently, the e-travel platform Booking.com announced the winners of the 10th annual "Traveller Review Awards", as well as the most hospitable cities and regions in the world in 2022. Among them, there are 1,261,273 winners of Traveller Review Award 2022, including accommodation providers, car rental offices and taxi booking service providers. The winners are located in 220 regions and cities around the world, including 219 accommodation in Hong Kong, including Four Seasons in Hong Kong. Hotels, ICON, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, etc. In terms of accommodation providers, Italy topped the list with the most award winners (162,272), followed by Spain (93,130), France (89,186) and Hong Kong at 29.

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As for the most hospitable cities in the world in 2022, the ranking is based on the star rating, rating and ratio of city accommodation. Most of the countries on the list have iconic architectural wonders and natural beauty, allowing tourists to enjoy a variety of unforgettable travel experiences. The champion is Matera in southern Italy, whose cave dwellings built on rock faces are not only listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also attracted blockbuster movies to film there. As for the Asian region, there is Taitung City, Taiwan, which ranks third, and Hoi An, Vietnam, which ranks tenth!